Advent 23 - Song

Christmas is song! Is there a song that encompasses the fullness of Christmas like “Joy To The World”?

Of all the songs we can sing this Christmas, Joy to the World is the one I have the hardest time letting go of until Christmas next year. It is the kind of song we can sing all the time, and echoes throughout the year.

It is also the song we need the most. I’m not sure the prevailing attitude in our world is joy. It won’t take long in 2020 for us to move towards cynicism. Our New Year's Resolutions may buckle under the weight of habit and routine. The unknowns of a new year will whisper fear and caution in our ears.

This song can keep us on track. The arrival of Jesus in our lives can bring joy, and we can sing this song either as an encouragement in bleak moments or a praise in the best moments. Christmas is almost here, and even once it is, we can do a lot to bring joy into this world. May *every* heart proclaim Christ as Lord. We can encourage others into this amazing life-changing journey! You were made for this.

We have a great version that feels as big as the occasion: