Quick Thoughts on a Weird Sunday

I encourage you to check out our church's website and hear encouragement from our Senior Pastor, Dr. Jim Sanders, about how our church will respond to the current crisis.

Meh. Yeah, not worshiping together this morning is frustrating. While this may be my present circumstances, I'm also mindful that there are people who have been affected by this in much more serious ways. As Rev. Lynn Nesbitt encouraged our congregation some months ago, (and I distinctly remember because it is set to song in Frozen 2), we can always do the next right thing.

What is the next right thing? I have some thoughts on that. Specifically with handling our current situation if you feel powerless to make actual change, or perhaps you feel this whole thing is blown out of proportion - it might be, but there are still ways to make the most of the opportunity. Below you'll find some quick encouragement for today, and any day, you feel trapped. God desires healing for us! Let's join Jesus in making that happen.

If reading is your thing, and not videos, it boils down to this:

  1. Go outside. Specifically stay active. The quarantine is not a judgment on enjoying things, just on gathering super close to people who may or may not be infected. As long as you take the appropriate precautions (wash your hands, don't touch your face, etc) being at the park is not any better/worse than being at home. 
  2. Check on your neighbors. A quarantine is designed to slow the spread of the disease but an unfortunate side-effect is isolation. I know you introverts are celebrating that you can be alone, but us extroverts can scratch our social itch and be a help at the same time. Check with the people living next to you and find out what kind of needs they have.
  3. Find encouragement in John 9:1-12. This part is a little long to write out, but basically let's not forget that God desires healing for everyone, EVERY human can offer healing, and we can all share in God's work of bringing health, wholeness, and joy into people's lives. Quarantine or no.