stupid retreat up in nashville...now I have a desire to keep up with some of the peeps I met in the 'Dore's back yard.

So I'm setting this blog up as a means to comment on all things God/Church related that might be on my mind at any time. For my reference (moreso than yours), some things I want to post about...

  • My "open minded" posts regarding Christians and such.
  • General feelings about the inner-workings of the church (hopefully won't get me fired).
  • upcoming speaking events or sermons and my personal take on them and the reactions from said events.
  • Juicy personal information about private counseling sessions.
That last one is a joke, btw. Time to get crackin!

ah yes... w00t indeed.


  1. welcome to the methoblogosphere. be sure to check in with us at www.methoblog.com


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