Catching up...#2

Yeah. so I was going to talk thanksgiving last post, so here goes.

My brother and I played a card game this Christmas. He's actually currently playing and I'm a recovering Magic: The Gathering (as a side note, you really need to watch and laugh at this link) player. yes, I'm involved in the occult and demons and I eat small puppies when I can get my hands on them. Truth be told - it is some of the best bonding I've had with my younger bro for quite some time. I'd say even more meaningful than playing video games with him. And definitely more meaningful for us both than me sitting there reading while he plays video games (as is typical for family get togethers nowadays)

But thanksgiving was great! My parents moved to sunny Gulf Shores and I hear its what all the cool kids are doing. Destin? Overcrowded. Panama City? Redneck. Myrtle Beach? Too far away. Hilton Head? Too classy. Gulf Shores? It wreaks of family, quiet, and good wholesome fun. Even the Flora-bama is harmless. Their house is great but I'm sure it will take my mom three years to unload all the boxes.

So the fam is great. Onto the cruise... I'm at home right now, so I'll update this post with some good pics when I get back to the correct computer (i.e. work) but for now, a few tidbits of information:

1) Paul really did shipwreck in Malta. I saw the island and everything. Of all the places I visited, I probably knew the least about the Maltese. I went to Mass one day and sat by a kid named Yavik. How did I talk to him? Well, little did I know that Malta teaches English along with Maltese from a very young age, so basically everyone speaks english. Why? Well, Malta was once a british colony, silly! Isn't that true about half the world anyway?

2) I saw the Acropolis in Athens and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Both incredible and I hope to go back one day. But neither of them can match the sheer size of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Pop open Google-Earth and check it out. For sheer size, the Isrealites really knew how to impress. Now for intricacy, I bet the Parthenon was incredible in its day. And yet, St. Peter's was jaw-dropping.

3) The Mediterranean is just plain ROUGH in November. 40 foot swells. I'm proud to say I had my sea-legs though (which is really God's grace more than any ability bestowed upon myself). I could have done without the whole cruise aspect and just enjoyed myself wandering around Europe. Its a shame, my life's calling is not to live in Europe and mingle with the locals, I'm just a little Alabama boy.

And so...I'm glad to be back.