I'm not posting for you, I'm posting for me.

But that is mainly because no one is reading this and I need some therapy...

1) I hate money - In this season of giving the great divide between the haves and have-nots are growing. It is so necessary in our society to put everyone on some kind of scale, right? Who is coolest? Show me the money! Who works the hardest? Show me the money! Who does God love? Show me the money! Yeah. It sickens me. It goes both ways though between those who have and those who don't. For example (and yes, I know there are a lot of poor people in the city, but the poor folks I met lived in the sticks):

In the little country churches I've served, I met people who were proud to be poor. Basically, their idea of "having it rough" in this life entitled them to God's love and ultimately, eternity in heaven for poverty on earth. Its Biblical right? And those rich people in the big city? Going to hell. All messed up. If they truly knew Jesus, they would move out into the boring-ass country side and be miserable like we are. And no, thank you very much, I will not live near your snazzy shopping areas (walmart came to us, after-all) or dine in your great restaurants. But when we do have a hankerin' for some culture, we'll come by like tourists to see your pretty lights. In our great state of Alabama we have this example.

In the large sub-urban church I'm serving in, I've met people who were proud to be rich. Not too hard to get, right? But the weird thing is that they base this off very biblical and common sense themes. Here is how the argument works: I've worked hard, I've put my time in, and only the unwilling stay miserable. Besides, at least I don't live in the country. Those people are stupid, lazy, and all messed up. Its Biblical right? I might be rich, but I earned it. As long as I am generous with my wealth, I'm okay. And no, thank you very much, my Jesus of suburbia does not expect me to give up my snazzy malls and flashing lights because I give regularly to salvation army (just the clothes I don't like anymore) and my church (as a tax write-off). But when I do have a hankerin' for some air without any smog, or a neighborhood that has no crime rate, I'll be glad to go out into the country. In our great state of Alabama, we have this example.

Basically, we are all too proud to do anything to change our lives or the lives of those around us. We are pansies.

2) Christmas vs. Xmas vs. Advent - Could there be a more worthless argument this year? YES! How about instead of arguing whether we say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" when we walk into Home Depot, perhaps we should all just say "Happy Advent" instead! I think its more Christian. I think its older. And yes, I think it is closer to the actual Christmas message. Think we could get some Baby Boomers behind it?


  1. I like the "Happy Advent" idea. It's a very under-celebrated concept. Rock on.


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