tireless work for infinite commodities.

You know, anything can be addictive. Its simply a matter of training your brain to appreciate whatever it is you are doing. You can actually train your brain to release endorphins when you do something. Much the same way it rewards you for having sex or eating chocolate. Some things are easier to get rewarded for tho. I mean, really, when was the last time my brain thanked me for working tirelessly? Never. I need to train my body to thank me whenever I kill it with a 13 hour day.

I think my body has a preference for dirty water (coffee) and sleep. Sadly, I don't get the amount of sleep I want. But thank God coffee is placed in such high importance in our society.

Seriously, if it can be mass produced and you can pay someone else for it, it will be encouraged that you buy it. You ever thought about the fact that sleeping is free? But our society makes it out like for real sleep you have to have this,this,this,andthis for a ton of buckaroos. The closest we get to ANY "free" product is "Please do this because it saves us money in the long run." Everything has been commoditized to the point that we have to think about things in this sense, even when they aren't. Like Carbon emissions - you can go to a website and figure out your carbon impact on the world. Why do this? saves you money. Oh! oh! I mean the earth. The earth is truly important. (in the long run, cutting down on carbon emissions and stopping smoking will help us avoid medical bills and clean-up costs.)

I listen to a band called "Tilly and the Wall" and they have a great line in a song about how we are selling ourselves, so ourselves we can buy.

quit selling yourself. God has given us so many blessings. Some of them we should hold onto and avoid the temptation to place a dollar amount to it.