are you racist?

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Blink and talks in it about how you think without thinking (you make snap decisions). Anyway, in it he talks about this test that shows how you make snap decisions about racial matters too.

low and behold, I was checking blogs and found this: A test for racism.

It might not be the same one, but I bet it is. Enjoy.

I took it and these were my numbers...

Your Score: 475
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:632.76ms
Black Unarmed:701.84ms
White Armed:686.64ms
White Unarmed:680.8ms

FUN! What can we do with these numbers? Looks like it took me the longest to determine if a black man was unarmed but my quickest time was the armed black man...

Or maybe I just have a hard time figuring out if thats a cell phone or a gun...