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I will not be in Dallas-Forth Worth for General Conference. In fact, I'm not even getting pumped about the craziness that will ensue. I'm just enjoying my little methodist world here in Birmingham. With that said, you should check out this video and see what else is going on in the world.

The video is obviously bias but it still makes me wonder about Oprah...

just click here. Don't want to mess with it. :)


  1. I don't watch Oprah, but I think this video is evil. I mean satanic, darkness, sinful evil. I got the shivers when I watched it.

    If meditation is evil, then I am also doomed. If constantly trying to be aware that I cannot define God is a sin, then I am condemned. If it is wrong to believe that a relationship with God is real rather than a checklist of beliefs, then I am guilty. If believing that we make God far too small is heretical, then I am a heretic.

    I didn't hear anything that said Oprah did not believe in God, or that she had renounced her Christianity. (Even if she did, what right has a Christian to produce such a horribly condemning video). I think we should be very, very careful in attempting to speak for God regarding who is right with Him and who is not. The evil done by stuff like this is far greater than someone openly discussing their faith.

    I hate this stuff.

  2. lol, which bothers you more, bob? The fact that someone could demonize Oprah like this or the fact that Christians demonize rather than love?

  3. The video is not Christlike.
    It is shadowy, manipulative, slick, and misleading.

    I am bothered about Christians demonizing rather than loving.

  4. Greg Boyd's review of A New Earth is on his blog.

    This is a much better response to the Oprah/Eckhart Tolle honest opinion, acknowledging the good ideas and taking issue with other specific points with which you disagree. I'm much more responsive to a sane critique than biased slander any day.

    Consider that two million people have signed up to take an online course with Tolle. They are searching for meaning. Arguably, so are many millions more. Has the church missed the mark with them? Pushed them away, repulsed them, maybe with sleazy manipulations like that video? I don't want anyone to think that's how I practice my faith.

  5. I am encouraged by the sane responses here. Personal belief is personal. I would be very suprised to hear candid discussions of fellow parishoners' actual creeds. It would most likely be all over the board. Why not? While I hope we come together on some of the major tennants of Christian belief, I am not shocked or dismayed at our differences. I am still reminded of the central tenant to our belief...Love. I must permeate everything. It must be the focus of everything. Sure...minor points of theology may consume our focus at times...but really it's an exercise in mental masturbation. The real thing is acting on, meditating on, living out love.

  6. If all of us would focus on the major tenants of our faith, we wouldn't have time to squabble about the minor points of theology. We'd be spending every minute loving God, neighbor and self, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and imprisoned, and proclaiming the gospel message, because those are the unending tasks Jesus asked us to take care of.


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