Check it out - Its a flossing device called a "Hummingbird" and it is "powered". That means it gently vibrates. Read more about it here.

... I own a hummingbird. But I also own something else! A "powered" toothbrush! I couldn't help push the button and it gently vibrates.

Apparently vibrating bathroom equipment is all the rage (shame on you for where your head is going).

Toothbrushes, floss, razors, phones, errr... hair dryers? Before long our soap will vibrate. And all this vibration is supposed to help this stuff do its job better.

What does this have to do with church? I WILL NOT say that we need to shake up the Church like our toothbrush (You'll find that awkward devotional on WDJC).

I was actually going another direction - excess. Your toothbrush doesn't need to vibrate to clean your teeth. I don't even think that razor you bought works any better before when it was simply a good blade. Someone somewhere I'm SURE has thought of or already installed heated (or cooling, massaging, whatever) pew cushions. Don't need it! Just don't need it. Its just a gimmick.

It just all makes me just a little nauseated. Not because I don't enjoy the soft hum of batteries slowly wearing away to nothing, but because there is no need for it. Its a problem that Christians have always dealt with... you know? The promise of a short-cut. Use _____ and you won't have to work so hard!! Just do _____ every morning and you won't have to worry about actually praying all the time! Want to have a better life? Buy my vibrating Bible! Blah. What we really need to is not buy vibrating equipment but to actually brush our teeth more often with a decent toothbrush that costs $1.50 (instead of the 6 dollar one I own). To put it in Christian terms - quit trying to overload on excess and get the fundamentals down.

What kind of Christian "powered" toothbrushes have you seen out there?


  1. But look at me, Jack. My pride goeth in the other direction, in my non-excesses.

    I'm so proud of myself for driving a 1980-something Toyota Celica with no A/C.

    So proud of my limited wardrobe. I work into the night getting the spaghetti stains out with a variety of eco-friendly detergent additives so I don't have to buy new khakis.

    Yes, I am proud of my non-excesses.

    But I'll tell you what bothers me most about this topic. It's those prosperity preachers on the TV who tell us we deserve all those things, those unnecessary extras in life. That God wants us to have them. God wants us to be rich. If we're good, we will be. Trust in God and you'll have a Lear jet soon, just like Joel Osteen! I'll bet his whole house vibrates.


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