simply simple

Why do we make things so complex?

Jesus didn't seem to think the Jewish laws were all that complex... the whole point was to love God and love neighbor.

Now I'm sure you, like me, understand the complexity of the world. Things are just not simple. We'd like to think they are but they aren't.

Have you seriously ever listened to a scientist talk about all the DNA you have swimming around in you and how complex it is?

The things you love the most in this world - doesn't it irk you when someone flippantly tries to simplify that majestic work of beauty into one phrase?

But maybe its the opposite. Maybe things are really simple and we make them complex because we feel things are more important when they are complex. That DNA? Made out of FOUR amino acids or something like that. The building block of life has only four codes matched in different sets.

That artist that Bob Ross? You like him? Yeah. You love him because he sounds so SIMPLE! Its just a happy little tree!!! But look at that thing! How did he do that!?

Maybe its an illusion....

I think simple scares us. We'd like to shrug our shoulders when Jesus says "Love other people" and plead ignorance. Countless Christians have told me they can't seem to understand's God's will for their lives and I wonder if God is telling them something simple and they just won't agree to it.


  1. thanks for stopping by my site, stuff christians like. I really appreciate it

  2. Simple doesn't scare me at all. I yearn for it. I'm working toward simplicity in concrete ways. By acquiring fewer things. By trying to do a handful of things very well instead of doing tons of things in a mediocre fashion. By reordering my priorites. By taking the words of Jesus seriously. "Love God, your neighbor and yourself." I can do that.


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