Is out.

Amid the storm of life I have been greeted several times by the smell of God's love. Honeysuckle. Not the widespread white blooming bushes that seem close by (those smell a little...stronger) but the soft, silent, sweet smell of honeysuckle.

Oh yeah, I'm incredibly stressed because gas costs so much and the recession is hitting hard. I'm incredibly stressed because this Sunday SDL will be moving into the well. Its just a 135k project on the line and if we can't keep the sound OUT of the sanctuary it will all be for naught. I'm incredibly stressed because Cheryl's parents are coming into town and I've got to clean the house so it looks decent. I'm incredibly stressed because General Conference is going on and people I love are "breaking fellowship" with brothers and sisters in Christ.

But I'm not incredibly stressed - a few times a day God makes it all go away.