Church shooting

What is a well meaning Christian to do?

Start patting people down at the door? Stop performing Annie? Just kidding... it would just downright un-Christian to do a weapons check at the door.

Our prayers and thoughts should be with this Church as it struggles with such a tragedy. I'd love to check tomorrow morning and find out that the shooter had some motivation like he was mad at his Dad or he wanted to rob the Church.

But if I had to guess this was a random act of hate and pain. There is no excuse, but as Christians consider persecution a good thing - we generally prefer to suffer for a particular cause (and not just randomly).

More as the story fleshes out....

I hate it...


  1. It's a sorry thing, but mental illness happens...

    It's interesting that you reference SAAATAN (in church-lady accent). Is Mr. S behind all stuff like this? Fallen world boy?

  2. hahaha, I wondered if anyone would get a kick out of that.

    If we are acting against God's will, we are already in league with the devil.

    Hows that for black and white?

  3. I'm tugging at my collar and grimacing....

  4. You aren't hurting. One could as easily say that if you aren't with the devil you are with God.

    Either way, ignorance is dangerous but passing the blame is even more deadly.


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