Great Success!

There is this guy who has developed a new brand of comedy. Sacha Cohen made a name for himself with the movie, Borat. His skill is making an idiot out of people and getting you to laugh at their stupidity. Often it means you are laughing at yourself.

Borat was a movie that basically made fun of America. I was REALLY dismayed, although not surprised, that Cohen pranked in our very own Birmingham, Alabama. The social awkwardness was caught on camera of a local Presbyterian minister and other socialites.

Well, he's doing it again. This time he's struck in Arkansas. I have to say I'm both amused and again...dismayed.

Amused for these reasons...
1.) Anyone who gets caught in his camera's making a fool of themselves probably deserves it. In other words, don't go signing any releases unless you know what you are getting yourself into.
2.) It really is funny to see how people can react so violently to unexpected scenes. One reason I think it is amusing is because I know I'd act the same way.

Dismayed for these reasons:
1.) He's taking advantage of people. Everyone - and I mean everyone - has bad moments when they aren't who they'd like to portray. To catch people in their worst is particularly sinister.
2.) It shows just how far we as a society have to go to correct negative stereotypes. Because that is where this guy draws his power.

Anyway, I do plan on seeing the movie and having a good laugh. I'll probably be dismayed.