Work vs. Love

Its easy for me to call things I enjoy doing my "calling"

Its harder for me to look at things I am not looking forward to and call it work. I'd really like to get to where my work and my calling are the same thing.

Here is the issue - my job is my calling. And work is awesome when I know I'm helping Jesus. I'm not saying its easy, but it often is fulfilling. The rub is that I sometimes distinguish between my job and my calling. This would (I think) be easy if I had a "secular" job. Lets say I worked at a bank... when I'm at my job I'm working, when I'm at Church or a soup kitchen I'm there for Jesus. I'm not saying that this is *right* its just a typical way of thinking that I can slip into. This happens because when its fulfilling, I feel like I've been in the right place. If its not fulfilling or it is not fun I hesitate. And I shouldn't. To be sure, I'm not talking about self-sacrifice. I often sacrifice and feel fulfilled.

But since my work place is the Church (or the soup kitchen) I have a much harder time separating my job from my giving.

Let me put it a different way... the lines of priority are blurred. Someone at the church asks me to do something...anything... how do I say no? Its a divine calling, not a choice. But it is a choice - if I say no - I better have some dang good justification right? In other words God is going to want me somewhere else than my job. I could easily spend every hour of my day at church, in my job, or with my family, or doing a gazillion other things.

I know - there should be no distinction at any point in my life. I should always be serving Jesus. We should always be believers and living lives like Christ. But that statement doesn't help me much (by itself) in prioritizing my life so that I know when I should and shouldn't do something or spend time somewhere for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope God will forgive me when my choices lead me away from where he wants me.

I'd love your thoughts. Share away.


  1. Do we really have the vision of God to know exactly what he wants, where He wants us all of the time, every second. I think we are feeling our way through the fog. Stumbling over branches. Our sense of direction heightens over time as we start to hear his cues more...but the more we are surrounded with tasks, the duller our sense of hearing becomes. The quiet can seem to bring it back. So saying no, can be a method of getting back to listening to be able to do His will.


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