Work vs. Love

Its easy for me to call things I enjoy doing my "calling"

Its harder for me to look at things I am not looking forward to and call it work. I'd really like to get to where my work and my calling are the same thing.

Here is the issue - my job is my calling. And work is awesome when I know I'm helping Jesus. I'm not saying its easy, but it often is fulfilling. The rub is that I sometimes distinguish between my job and my calling. This would (I think) be easy if I had a "secular" job. Lets say I worked at a bank... when I'm at my job I'm working, when I'm at Church or a soup kitchen I'm there for Jesus. I'm not saying that this is *right* its just a typical way of thinking that I can slip into. This happens because when its fulfilling, I feel like I've been in the right place. If its not fulfilling or it is not fun I hesitate. And I shouldn't. To be sure, I'm not talking about self-sacrifice. I often sacrifice and feel fulfilled.

But since my work place is the Church (or the soup kitchen) I have a much harder time separating my job from my giving.

Let me put it a different way... the lines of priority are blurred. Someone at the church asks me to do something...anything... how do I say no? Its a divine calling, not a choice. But it is a choice - if I say no - I better have some dang good justification right? In other words God is going to want me somewhere else than my job. I could easily spend every hour of my day at church, in my job, or with my family, or doing a gazillion other things.

I know - there should be no distinction at any point in my life. I should always be serving Jesus. We should always be believers and living lives like Christ. But that statement doesn't help me much (by itself) in prioritizing my life so that I know when I should and shouldn't do something or spend time somewhere for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope God will forgive me when my choices lead me away from where he wants me.

I'd love your thoughts. Share away.