Dog days of summer

Its hot. I mean, real hot. But here I sit in my office freezing my butt off. In our office, I'm one of the smallest people here (also one of the youngest, so it makes sense) so everyone else is hot, apparently. hmph.

Not much going on lately. Well, for me there is a lot. Just not much church-wise. I'm kind of brain dead at the moment. Thankfully, when I go on my honeymoon I will have some good reading time (between boat trips, hikes, and other stuff.) So I thought I'd share what I'm getting into!

Just a few things I'm reading right now...

1.) The Shack by William Young - Well, I'm not reading it yet, but someone gave it to me to read. From what I've heard its amazing, brilliant, yadda yadda. And I'm thinking "oh great! A good book!" Until I check the back (I always read the synopsis and check quotes). To my dismay I find Michael W. Smith and Wynonna Judd on the back talking about how this book is amazing.


There is nothing wrong with either of these two artists. But thats the thing, they are safe Christian conservative celebrities. Its a name drop, I know... so I'm already building up a skepticism about the book, which is probably not a good thing. I just hope its more theologically grounded than the Left Behind Series.

2.) Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis - I love the man. Yes. He is waaay too popular right now (especially among my baptist friends) and that throws me a little. But I liked him before he was cool - okay? Thanks to my Dad I've read just about every C.S. Lewis book there is. (Problem of Pain is impossible to finish and comprehend) Did you know he wrote a space trilogy? (

Oh, the book. I should read it once a year because he is so dang convincing. Gives a person hope.

3.) Awareness - The Way to Love by Anthony de Mello - Anothony's ability to tell a story is overshadowed only by his efforts to wake you up. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wonders why they can't love others like they want to OR truly has a hard time being happy. And yes, I stole this book from Lyn Cosby and haven't given it back yet.

Also on my shelf, but I haven't gotten to them yet...

Simple Church
Justice in the Burbs
Brother to a Dragonfly


  1. the problem of pain was amazing.
    you can probably finish. Oh wait, you went to emory. nevermind.

  2. lol, the problem is that I tried reading it when I was 16. wanna summarize it for me? you did go to vandy... afterall

  3. I want you to keep that book, Jack.

    Happy whatever!


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