Ahhh! Civilization is ending!

Hmph. Pavlov's dog. You know the experiment? Ring a bell every time you feed a dog and before long the dog will start salivating at the ringing of the bell.

Humans are definitely above such petty responses to stimuli. We'd never jump at a moment's notice to whip each other into a hysteria.

What is it about THIS hurricane? About THIS day that is making people freak out? Once upon a time oil companies would raise the cost of gas depending on what OPEC did because of supply and demand. Its all really complicated - something about the cost of crude and production yaddayaddayadda.

Oh, sorry, I was salivating. Or to be more precise - filling my tank with $5/a gallon gasoline because a storm hasn't even hit the state of Texas yet.

I wish you well this weekend. I hope that when the craziness is over you and I will both be able to agree - Jesus is Lord and he's coming back. There are more important things to blame for our hysteria. Like creating a blackhole on earth?

Of course, things really could be as bad as they say. In which case, I'd just look like a big jerk. I hope God is with those in the path of the storm. But you people in Alabama need to chill out. Go enjoy the technological and scientific excitement of a massive particle collider as they prove our God exists. Err....something like that. Did you just start salivating?


  1. Amen to all of that!

    I filled up simply because it is Friday and Friday's are fill up day in our household!

    It is unreal but again, I will feel like a complete moron for even saying that if something tragic does happen....


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