I don't love my job.

***wondering why I would title a post this way?  Read the entry right before it, titled: I love my job.


I can't share the details, it wouldn't be fair to the people or situations involved.  But something happened to me this week.

You have people get angry at you?  Not like you?  What if you did something you were completely sure you were correct in but to do it and stand up for it means putting someone else in their place?

I'm not perfect.  Never claimed to be.  But I'd like to be.  If someone doesn't like me I feel like I've let them down.  Is that what being Christ-like is?  Being "perfect" so no one dislikes you or is ever disappointed in you?

nah...I doubt it.  When I really start thinking of Christ I can only imagine how frustrating it would be for him.  You can't imagine where he was during his ministry unless you can try to understand how he loves you and me.  Imagine for a second the worst-case scenario.  For some reason, the rejection of love seems about as bad as it gets (maybe cause I just got married?)

If Jesus loved you and you didn't accept it, how bad would it hurt?  Tonight I have some idea.  Part of my job is protecting those who need to be protected.  Of course, I won't get thanked for that.  Instead, in this instance, I am the one at fault.  It doesn't matter that this is one person and not a whole bunch.  And on the face of it, perhaps I overreacted some and I can admit that.  But I didn't do what this person claimed and on the other side I kept him/her from ruining someone elses enjoyment of being at Church.  sigh.

I hope I never reject Jesus and do to him what has happened to me today.