What comes first?

What should come first?  Are you tired of the last eight years?

Republicans say, "Country First"

Democrats say, "Change we can believe in"

hmmm...this is not your "I think you should vote for this candidate" post...I could care less who says it, and with what agenda and political views behind it.  I plan on being an equal opportunity hater tonight.

First off, country will never come first for me.  It never should.  This is why Christians were persecuted in Rome.  The Emperor did NOT come first, and Christians wouldn't say it.  At best, your country should come second.  God is always first.  Always.  God should be so far first that in comparison you hate your family or your church or anything else that could come between you and God.  Even yourself. (Luke 14:26)  Of course, the Republicans can't say that.  Because they don't want you to put God first, you might think they are unpatriotic or you'll start caring about those impoverished persons in the wrong way (As one site said, "We can't ALL be on welfare").  Blah... No.  I will not put country first.  The beautiful US of A won't last forever.  Sure, I might vote for McCain, but it isn't because I want my country to come first.

Second, the only change I can believe in is the change of the Holy Spirit.  Obama is a politician, and as such he will try to get elected.  And to get elected means he might have to stretch and pull and deconstruct who he is to become something bigger.  That "Bigger" is a person somewhere in the middle of America, not the Kingdom of God.  Obama is incredibly charismatic and to that end, I am attracted to his desire for a different America.  But is it the same America that my Jesus wants?  Does Obama want the same change the Holy Spirit wants in our lives?  I don't think the Democrats can say they want the Holy Spirit convicting and meddling.  Thats not a change they want, because they are equally as culpable.  Whatever change God has in store surely doesn't include their ideals and plans for the government in the United States.  Whatever change Obama is touting sounds like a quick fix or just a way of getting elected.  I might vote for Obama, but it isn't because I believe in his change, its because I believe in God's change.

But hey...I'm just a preacher.  I can say these things and no one cares.  What comes first for you?  Have we sacrificed God for the sake of our country?  Have we pledged allegience to one change enough that we miss out on God's change?