Lynching in Alabama - 1981

I was born in 1981.  January, 04, in fact.

Michael Donald was hanged in Mobile, Alabama March 20th, 1981 when I was 2 months old.

Did you know about this?  I sure didn't.  

Some would say its silly to apologize for slavery in the 1860's when "we" didn't have anything to do with it.  Is it cool if I apologize for a lynching in my life-time?

I'm sorry for those who thought this was a good idea.


  1. I was 23 when this happened. I remember it well. One thing I remember, which was very bad in itself apart from the real tragedy, is that police at first called it a drug-related death. It wasn't until Jesse Jackson became involved that the truth came out.

  2. I am about to post on this! For some reason, the show last night made me extrememly mad. I am not sure why though. I did fall asleep 30 minutes through so maybe if I had watched the whole episode I would not be as mad.

    However, I am exactly one year and 2 days older than you! Ha. I am not a fan of my birthday. People are always out of town or recovering from their New Years and can't/won't celebrate my b'day with me! :( Sad panda!


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