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Young Clergy Network Notes
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Drive - Visioning for the Future

What is inside comes to the outside. Our passions, visions, must direct our paths.

- What might God give me? What does God want?

literally, this is all I put on the page, I think I was fading quick.

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Eating and Exercise for life

Three things are essential for good physical health -


Look, this was good stuff but it was also the straw that broke the camel's back. I totally stopped listening when he started talking about health plans. They are important, no doubt, but I was sitting there thinking that I'm not the one who needed the health plan. Even in a room of "young clergy" our inability to control our weight was obvious. Frankly, I have nothing to thank but good genetics that provides a high metabolism. And I'm no fool, I know that metabolism will slow one day and I'll have to work at it. But until then... hehe