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Drive - Visioning for the Future

What is inside comes to the outside. Our passions, visions, must direct our paths.

- What might God give me? What does God want?

literally, this is all I put on the page, I think I was fading quick.

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Eating and Exercise for life

Three things are essential for good physical health -


Look, this was good stuff but it was also the straw that broke the camel's back. I totally stopped listening when he started talking about health plans. They are important, no doubt, but I was sitting there thinking that I'm not the one who needed the health plan. Even in a room of "young clergy" our inability to control our weight was obvious. Frankly, I have nothing to thank but good genetics that provides a high metabolism. And I'm no fool, I know that metabolism will slow one day and I'll have to work at it. But until then... hehe


  1. Yes, ask Matt about that metabolism slowing down! Hehe!
    Me on the other hand, I have the we like to eat and it genes!


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