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Young Clergy Network Notes
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Prophetic Leadership (righteous and holy)

Somewhere, we decided church success was equated to the number of people in the pews.

People have put Jesus into their worldview rather than putting themselves into His worldview.

Different worldviews:
1.) secular. These folks are superstitious, materialistic, think religions are regressive.

2.) soft-secular. These people believe in God but value what secular people value. They are the lukewarm christians among us.

3.) post-secular/post-modern. These folks entertain the possibility of the supernatural, but personal expressive individualism // still lacks any outside force.

4.) Christian. These people believe the world is bigger than me, truth will prevail, but maybe not in my lifetime. The covenant connects the past or future to the present.

- If people want folks to tell them how to live, is that a temptation or an opportunity?

Temptations can be compromises.

Act Justly - Micah 6:8 and Isaiah 58-61

3 Requirements
1. Micah 6:8 (Great Requirement)
2. Great Commandment
3. Great Commission