tis the season for giving


HT to my brother, Jerry.


  1. I was discussing this a few weeks ago.
    Do you feel that you should always give 10% or you give what you have to give?

    I think we may have discussed this already or it was with my cousin I discussed it with.

  2. I see two options here,

    1.) Giving 10% - assuming you mean this in the same terms we typically talk about you are talking about monetary giving. 10% of your paycheck.

    2.) Giving what you have to give. Still, even if you are talking about money, this is tricky. Because I think when you say this you imply "what you have to give" is really less than 10% of your paycheck, but in truth what you "have to give" is debatable.

    Sooo... giving 10% is kind of getting off easy...we don't say that often because, as that article points out, we aren't even doing that much.

    But a tithe is more about giving your first fruits than it is about giving money to the church. The widow giving her two copper coins is a great example of sacrificial giving. We often associate our tithe with the 10% we are supposed to give back and our offerings as whatever else we decide to pitch in. So the function of option #1 and #2 could be different.

    Short answer? Always give what you have to give. Often that more than we are willing to part with, regardless of what percentage it is.

  3. Yea, I always felt guilty for financially right now not being able to give 10%. I mean, I could but E nor we would have food. On the same hand, I could be justifying this to myself, I believe that the Lord knows the intentions of my heart in what I do.
    My friend told me reap a little, sew a little. Reap a lot, sew a lot.
    I know the conversation on tithing could always go on forever. Everyone has so many different aspects of it.
    I do agree though, we do not give near enough and I only recall seeing commercials about the less tahn fortunate at the holiday season- it is kind of sad.


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