Clean water in Africa

So, I want to brag on my Church a bit. This past Sunday, challenged by Advent Conspiracy ( and prodded by the Holy Spirit, Sonday Live (the contemporary worship service at RUMC) gave 4670.00 dollars to providing clean water in Sierra Leone.

Boom goes the dynamite.


  1. Hey! Can we still send it in with RUMC as our church? I guess I could just look at the website...

  2. Well, technically, we did not use the non-profit that is associated with Advent Conspiracy. (Living Waters International). While I totally trust they do great ministry, I also know that there is a method in the UMC to make sure 100% of our donation makes it to Africa (and not into typical overhead associated with getting the money out there). So, you can either bring a check by the church (make it to RUMC) or donate online wherever you feel comfortable.

  3. I'm not one to condemn building the cathedrals to the glory of God...BUTTTTTT...I applaud the idea of putting some $ in the hands of tangible ministry. "I was thirsty..."

    I have felt led this month by the needs of family, friends, and strangers...I feel guilty that my "tithe" doesn't always hit the church coffers... I don't know if I'm being led by my God to do this or my emotions... I don't know jack crap really, but I liked hearing about this. Thanks for letting god use you and sunday live.


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