I was asked to contribute to another blog, so I figured I'd offer what I wrote, here...

a few Sundays ago, some friends of mine invited me to tag along into the NICU at St. Vincent's. I talk about the experience below.

The blog for Footprints can be found here. When the post hits, I'll include that link here, as well.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the NICU at St. Vincent's hospital with an organization called Footprints. My part was minor; I simply dressed up as an elf and escorted Santa through the unit. This is not your typical Santa visit. The kids don’t holler and get excited when the big man with a red suit comes in. In fact, except for the occasional unhappy young one, our day in the NICU was incredibly quiet. But the lack of noise did not imply a lack of awareness or activity. The NICU can be a pretty intense place! In this hospital unit, every second, every look, and every moment is precious. There were families there who had been there weeks with no sure idea of when they’d be able to go home. There were grandparents there who had put jobs, families, and life on hold until their newest family members could be well. There are nurses and physicians who, like angels, flutter around restoring not just health but humanity to the smallest babies and the most anxious parents. It is into this place that we brought a bit of Christmas Spirit.

As a pastor, I live for times when people reach out to one anther. But Footprints is about meeting people where they are and ministering to them, in even the most hard to reach places not in the name of Santa, but in the name of Jesus. What Footprints offered was a chance to bring people out of the timeless and unending watching of the NICU and remind them that they are not alone. Christmas, the story of the birth of another baby, could reach them even in the NICU. I felt my heart lifted to know that a prayer, a stocking full of supplies, and a picture with a jolly fat man could be brought into as solemn place as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and connect with those with heavy hearts. Like I said, my part was minor, but I felt God moving in that place. Jesus says a thing or two about reaching out to the least of these. In the NICU that day, we saw some of the smallest, most precious, people we could possibly meet. And it made my Christmas.


  1. I truly truly believe the Lord lead us to you! I just want you to know how much you rock!

  2. Jack -

    You know how much it means to the families in the NICU to have fellowhip with believers! I think that's part of what brought us closer together as a family - to know that God can pull even the tiniest of us through a miracle. It makes me know just how might my God is!

    Faithfully, Kelly

  3. Jack! Thank you so much for your post. I'm feeling a little homesick at the moment, and this is just what i needed. It reminds me so much of home. I worked in NICU's for the last 5 years before coming here. I miss those precious peanuts and their families a lot. This is an amazing ministry and I'm glad you got to be a part of it! Thanks again.


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