I think I'm going to name my firstborn Haggai Hinnen.  sweet.

We were reading him in Diciple this week.  He basically gets onto the Iraelites for neglecting the house of God and caring for themselves. 

But I think they had very good reasons.  Building their own homes, caring for their own families, working their own jobs and making wages to pay bills.  We have very good reasons.  Poor economy, big bills, gas prices are high (well, they aren't any more but we still act like gas is eating up our budgets), big morgage (that we chose), lots of kids, lots of responsibilities.  busybusybusy.

People don't just turn their back on God wholesale unless we are really angry with God and just don't care what God things.  Typically we slowly work our way into a place of complacency.  Seriously.  We are masters at the nit-pick.

This isn't about making you feel bad - its about waking you up to the promises God has for you.  I don't think we need to worry about building a literal house of God in our midst - but I do believe we can get serious again about building the Kingdom of God in our midst.

What great excuses are holding you back from risking boldy for Jesus?


  1. I have realized that we have everything we need, not want. I can not really ask for more than that which He has given me. So, there is no excuse!

    Although I would not suggest the name for the first child. I immediately thought of Haggas!


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