Curve ball

Life does this sometimes. Right now I'm sitting in the charlotte airport because our flight got cancelled and we aren't leaving til 1030.

So be it, its not bothering me. But waiting is typical in a christian's life. There are few times God simply fits into my small understanding of the world.

This is one of those times. We have just had a great few days experiencing God. Mike Slaughter and Adam Hamilton have renewed my faith in discipleship within the local church.

And now I'm stuck in an airport.

There are tons of different people around here. I actually love airports, I'm a people watcher. But right now I just want to digest what we talked about. Being stuck in an airport is one of the surest ways to make life grind to a halt. But now, I'm just tired.

Tomorrow, some of my notes will show up


  1. I hated that airport with a passion. Mainly because I could not smoke because you had to go all the way down there and around the bend over the hill and through the woods. Then and only then would you end up at Grandma's house where you could smoke.

    Nothing like O'Hare though.

    Once in ATL people at Krystal's looked at me funny as I ordered a steamer pack, 24, and stuffed it into an empty carry on bag. We did not have Krystal's or Whitecastle in Fort Myers, FL. Horrible or as Charles Barkley would say, turble. Just turble.

  2. we sat at chili's for forever, and then watched Wake Forest beat Duke... and since my wife is a wake fan, I have to claim them now. (she's pulling for Auburn already, its the least I can do haha)

    Have you seen Frank (forget his last name) do his impression of Barkley? Good stuff.


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