A new way of looking at things.

I ain't gonna lie, I've been busy.  I've been doing the thing called life.

When you think of a black family, what do you think of?  Obama's presidency might change how we thing of African American families, rich or poor.


Ya'll remember the cartoon character, Speedy Gonzolaz?

Its not an accurate representation of anyone hispanic, really.  But he was a mark of my (and prolly yours) childhood.  Because of what was mostly an innocent and funny representation of another culture, a sociologist could probably argue that my "view" of any hispanic persons will always be colored by said representation.

In a way, this is similar to the changes that the Obama Presidency will have.  Regardless of your feelings on his policies or abilities as a President, his airtime will bring a collective change towards how we look at the Black family.

Your thoughts?