Swarming Christians (or locusts, whatever)

So scientists found why Locusts move from a "quiet and easy going manner" to "swarm"

The article argues that with this new knowledge, scientists can avoid the huge swarms that devestate crops by either blocking the chemical signals or tripping the grasshoppers into swarming situations before the environmental situation can cause severe damage.

It might sound silly, but I wish I could do the same for Christians.  There are some Christians who run around fired up about stuff that does not further the Kingdom of God.  And there are other Christians who are too lethargic to be excited about those things God is concerned about.

Just my musings...but I hope our churches can be places that enable Christian swarms to spread the love of Jesus Christ.  I hope the Holy Spirit activates in your life.


  1. Maybe feeding them will help them. :)

    "participation [in the Christian faith and life] means in the first place to eat, to drink, to live in common. It begins in the "belly" not in the head. One must savour it before one can speak about it... this happens best through [local] communities and groups which live intensely with the gospel and their neighbours"
    (Moltmann, J├╝rgen. The Open Church : Invitation to a Messianic Lifestyle. London: SCM Press, 1978.)


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