Fighting an attitude of frugality

Have you made a commitment to generous giving? Chances are you have heard economists give ways to get out of this financial mess.

We are starting to figure out how we got here: we were spending more than we were making. So what is the way to counteract this mess?

Well, by spending more, of course. You know what all those banks did with their stimulus package? They are saving it. It isn't any easier to get a loan. And yes, we need to get rid of all this crazy debt. Buuuut...

If America continued spending money, things wouldn't be so bad.

I've had a little crisis lately. As a minister, I have been preaching against the evils of materialism. But did you know materialism has provided for families for centuries? The Kingdom of God has grown and pushed forward because of (or in spite of) the drive to aquire more money. If I preach we should not be as extravagant but that steals the jobs of my church members, this causes me problems. Sure. Some jobs are more "productive" or ethically acceptable than others. But the issue for me is that we are not generous in the areas we should be, but generous in the wrong areas. In other words, I want people to have jobs, but maybe jobs that can further the Kingdom without exploitation.

What we need is more generousity. We need people who give so much that sales of bread and juice, or baby diapers just shoot through the roof. We need such generousity that the housing market explode because those apartment complexes are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Its not that money isn't there, its that money isn't moving. Don't store up for yourself on earth where rust and moth destroy.

Earn all you can... Save all you can... Give all you can.