How much integrity does a pastor have?

You and I have both heard about bad behavior of pastors. It is always a surprise that persons of great leadership can fall so hard. The authority that pastors have is a direct connection to the integrity of a pastor.
The first, and best, advice I've gotten as a minister is to always protect my integrity because it is my best resource.

One thing I do like about these clergy Integrity seminars is it tells me our conference wants to take care of me and take care of the churches I serve. When a minister of any stripe engages in in-appropriate behavior, we all lose. First, obviously the victims are already hurt. But my profession carries with it all kinds of assumptions. There is a reason leaders are more closely scrutinized.

You might not be a pastor, but you (if you are reading this) are probably a christian. Remember, Jesus always sides with the powerless, opressed, and marginalized.(thats not to say Jesus doesn't love oppressors; he actually wants to free everyone from oppression). When Christians are the oppressors, we compromise more than just our integrity. We compromise the Gospel.

Do not go up against Jesus when he is protecting his beloved. When you submit to God in humility, trust, and obedience, we protect our integrity, set appropriate boundaries, and keep relationships healthy for the Gospel to move.


  1. Jack,

    Like this post; I think I'd take it a bit further and say that when we, as Christians, act and live as oppressors, then we are, in fact, not only compromising the Gospel but denying the resurrection. Check out this blog:


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