There is a reason Jesus doesn't want us to worry.  Eventually it will make you lose your hair.

Like this guy:

The pic came from here.

Watched the news lately?  Its hard not to look at what life offers now and not be worried.  Wow, where to start?  My job, my family, my family's jobs, my pension, what to do if best-buy closes because of the economic downturn.

Hang in there.  Matthew 6:25-26 basically says, look - Shouldn't life be more than worrying about things?  What you need - clothing, shelter, food, love - these things God provides.  Have you seen how God takes care of even the smallest animals?  Surely - SURELY - God will take care of you.  Because God loves you.  God will always provide what you need.

So don't worry.  God still loves you.