Which is worse?

Which is worse?  A steady rain for several days, or a torrential downpour that lasts only moments?  Does one nourish the earth better?  Is one more convenient than the other?

Which is better for you?  Walking three miles or running three miles?  

Which is more righteous?  Immediately becoming perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect, or working all your life for perfection and not getting there?


These questions might seem obvious to you.  "Slow, steady rain is best for the plants" - "Running is better, cardiovascular health!" - "Who wouldn't like to be perfect?  Whats better than that?"  and in each case I'm asking you to contrast not the "end" but the method of getting there.  If life were lived trying to acheive certain ends with as little effort, or time, as possible in each place, why are we even here at all?  If humans were just a means to an end, God needs not dilly dally.  Acheive the end!  Right?

But I'm not so sure.  The truth is that getting there really is at least half the fun.  Here is why I ask this question:

Some people treat life, salvation, God, church, etc.etc.etc. as simply a way of getting there.  I hear people complain all the time about their difficulties - with good reason.  They hurt like hell!  I wouldn't want to be in pain any longer than you would.  But which would you take?  A toothache for the rest of your life or the worst pain you've ever known for just five seconds?

I dunno what "there" is actually.  Can I just enjoy existing and not have to worry about wha direction I'm going in?  Something tells me we will get there anyway.  Or I'd like to think that.

I know this: my life is worth living.  My God is worth appreciating.  Jesus is worth knowing better than I know him now.

I can't find any reason for NOT stretching things out as long as you can.  Don't hear me wrong - there are things that hold us back and they should be hurdled over, stamped out, and erradicated with the vidiction of Jesus in the temple (cleansing, anyone?) - but there are other moments that I squander.  People who I glance over.  Its so dangerous to be too busy and quick.  "Stop and smell the roses" has never been more impossible or more heavenly.