What do you think?

Was Jesus open minded?

Quip away!


  1. I am too connected & may need an intervention. However, yes & no. Yes because to accept others you have to be open minded. No bc being open minded to something is going against His teachings. Like being open minded to say open marriages. Ewwww!!!

  2. Open minded does not have to mean acceptance of all things as, o.k. In its best sense, it means loving first with the agape love that only could be pure coming from Christ. Because he accepted us and loved us, "while we were still sinners..." I'd have to say he's much more open minded than any of us could hope to be.

    I think he's also so open minded, that he see's the potential in each of us so that he calls us to be what He can make us. He calls us to walk in a role that we're not quite suited for without surrender to him... But he calls us to it, and sees it happening before we can open ourselves up to it.

    I don't think he's "open" to us continuing to live in sin...he calls us to holiness...but I do think he understands our nature and is open minded enough to love us anyway while entreating us to become more than we are through his spirit living in us, and our will bowing and dying to his.


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