effecient customer support...

I had the most incredible exchange with someone today.  First, let me get the technicalities out of the way so I can get on to my point.

I love twitter.  To use it effectively, I have it on my phone and my computer.  There are programs you can download that take your twitter feed and do all kinds of wonderful things with it.  I happened upon http://www.monitter.com and decided to give it a try.  

You get that?  Check it out.  It'll help you appreciate twitter more.  Anyway, basically, the webpage wasn't working like I wanted it to (something to do with replies and retweets) so I emailed the developer.

I kid you not, within a minute the guy responded.  Not just some tech support guy, but the ACTUAL developer!  Its a small operation, I understand that...but the guy who codes the whole thing actually responded within a MINUTE to address my concern.  Within 15 minutes he had the issue fixed - and then emailed me to let me know.

Now, as this is a blog about church/Jesus you knew I'd tie it in somehow, right?

Basically, my exchange with the developer was SO personal and SO specific and SO directed at my issue, I couldn't help but appreciate it.  Okay, so he got lucky and was in the right place at the right time, but still... maybe it was the Holy Spirit? 

As Christians, so often our efforts are directed towards a very small window of people.  For example, Sunday morning worship service is a SERVICE provided for those who are willing to come.  It does not go anywhere for anyone.  If I'm going to donate my time at a food pantry in the name of Christ, you better believe I am going to be very specific with when I'm there.

The point is this: I wish my church could be more like my experience this afternoon with Monitter and less like working with Charter Cable Television.  I hate getting the run around - and you do too.  But isn't it nice when someone stops what they are doing and helps you?  Or happens to already be working on what you need?

Now, there are examples of companies who can handle mass volumes of people effeciently and as low cost as possible - Google and T-Mobile (customer support) come to mind.  It is clearly impossible for the CEO of Google to answer phone and emails concerning glitches in the system.  The CEO probably couldn't fix my problem anyway.  But Christians should expect our God to put us in the right place at the right time to be the most effecient customer service in the world.

Maybe Customer Service is a poor analogy...

But thank you @soyrex for the help.  It sounds corny, but you made my day.