Muslim demographics! AHHH!

Maybe you've seen this?

One downside to such a video is there is a vague reference to "research" and "data" and it also piddles with the idea that "population" equals "culture."  If anyone can produce the studies it proposes, I'd love the link.  But until then...

I direct you here for some statistical (and perhaps boring) references to Fertility Rates.  Most striking to me is the chart relating GDP numbers against fertility rates - basically the poorer the country, the higher the growth rate.  Awesome, no wonder America is dying off, we are a bunch of "rich" Americans.

It can be quite scary to see things change and to feel helpless to stem the tide of life.  But that is the world we live in, is it not?  And the scares never stop (at least, from a xenophobic stand point) - it seems all of time has been a battle between the civilized and the uncivilized.  Rome had its barbarians.  Islam has had its infidels.  Hindus have their untouchables.  America has their...  And now, the question seems, if Christianity is so great (and our God so powerful), why would Muslims seem to be "winning" the culture war?  (by the way, I purposely interchange the term Christian and American for my purposes here, because the video presupposes the two are interchangable).

Maybe because Christianity's goal was never to duplicate a culture?  Christians have set too low of a goal for what our Jesus is trying to accomplish.  I don't think Jesus ever wanted us to replicate the culture of any particular nation (hellooooo, Judiasm is "dying") - but instead replace the culture of every nation with that of the Kingdom of God.

How much has culture co-opted God's plans here in the United States?  Any nation (except a communist one) will appreciate good moral religious adherents of any type.  In a way, governments needs religion to keep people docile.  Marx called religion the opiate of the masses (and thus looked disfavorably on them as a tranquilizer of sorts).  I don't know if Islam is better suited for that role, but it sure wasn't Jesus' attempt.  Personally, the idea of a non-state/cultured sponsored Christianity is quite a thrilling prospect.

Don't get me wrong, it is "scary" (to me) that our world is going to look different.  There are a lot of unknowns and honestly I don't know very many Muslim friends.  But the ones I DO know are far from the "agenda" of the Muslim world to breed out Christianity.  They are regular folks like you and me, actually.  As Christians, the Gospel is good news for everyone.  We have a spirit of adoption, not a spirit of fear.  Thats why I laugh at propoganda films.  Because you can't scare me into being a better Christian - folks have been trying that for years.  I've been loved into being faithful.

And yes, it saddens me that we've come to this (the whole Christianity not showing the "fruits" we'd expect from the one true religion).  I'd love for Christianity to be everything it can be (since it is based on that guy, Jesus) and care for the poor, help the blind see, set free the oppressed, and declare the year of the Lord's favor (Luke 4).  But have we succeeded in doing that?  Has Christianity "failed" to live up to God's standard?

I hate that America is no longer as "Christian" as it used to be.  But how good was that, really?  The "Good ole days" are always better than how things are now.

I'll say this - Jesus has never failed to live up to his promises.  And I can only hope these "muslim nations" this video talks about will be more tolerant of non-muslims than Christians have been to non-Christians.

I would suggest exactly what the video suggests - be fruitful and multiply AND share the Gospel with everyone (not just Muslims).

But don't do it so you can "fight" their culture or because you are scared of them.  Do it because you have experienced the Risen Christ and know within your heart that the love of Christ should and will change the way you interact with everyone (especially those who are different than you).

How extreme are Jesus followers?  They love their enemies.  Not convert, not kill, not breed out, not ignore, love.  Lovelovelovelovelove.

Quite frankly, thats "scary."  God help me - Jesus help me - when I fail to live by your standards.