Thousands and thousands of doors

Ten Thousand of them, at least.

If you ever doubted that the UMC could make a concerted effort to try new things, check this out:

I am quite impressed with the site.  "Connectional" is the best descriptor you could give it.

Hopefully you'll open a door or two and have an experience with Christ by your searching.  I can't help but think about the Scooby Doo cartoons though where the bad guy is chasing the whole crew and they are running through one door and out another, all the while, making me laugh and not really getting anywhere at all.

Personally, I love the site, because it isn't just static information, but moveable, customizable, and so wonderfully personal.  You might disagree, but its really nice being able to interact in a nice shell.  And it already uses my google account - how awesome is that?

There are no substitutes for actual relationships - but I could see this website getting people in a position to see/hear God move in new ways.  There is lots of stuff about "church" on the site, but not much about Jesus.  Which in some ways is fine, I mean, I know people who spout Jesus' name everywhere they go and I know it just makes Jesus cringe.

I know, I know.  This is a seeker friendly place blahblahblah, but really - I know people in America are distancing themselves from that name, but lets hope when someone actually ends up at a church or in a relationship (from this website) where they find Jesus.

My only real knock would be that with all the doors, actual change will only come from action, not pretty websites.  And with the multitude of directions we could go,  it can be a bit overwhelming. Here's to the Holy Spirit directing us!

All in all, good job UMC.  Good job.  Now I just hope that 20 mil is worth it.