What keeps you going?

I love coffee. I drink it in volumes that probably exceed those around me. Typically, each morning, I'll fill my Stanley 1.1qt classic thermos with coffee and head off to the office. Some days though, I'll be running a little late, and simply decide to drink coffee at the office...

SOME days, I'll get a headache around 2 in the afternoon. Now, my days are pretty varied, but I've gotten headaches often enough around this time that I have started paying attention to what I do so I can try and avoid these headaches.

I've figured it out. The coffee at my employer gives me headaches. Weird, I know.

I don't get headaches if I drink the coffee I make (although I've found a few coffee beans that DOES give me headaches), but I will definitely get headaches if I drink the coffee that comes in volume within the kitchen here at the office.

Is this a slam on the quality of the coffee? Maybe. Am I a pansy? Perhaps. Should I drink less coffee? This conclusion is too obvious but the least possible. So!

I realized that my coffee choices are somewhat like the voices we choose to listen to on a regular basis can/will give us headaches.

HOWEVER, if you choose the right voices to listen to, we can avoid this kind of anxiety/pain.

As I sit here, I am literally in pain. Partially because I slept through my alarm and when I got to the office I drank coffee that I *knew* would give me headaches. But I'm also in pain because I have friends around me who are taking in a LOT of voices/news/gossip which causes no discernible benefit other than causing headaches.

My encouragement to you today is to check your sources. I'm not asking for you to turn a blind eye to situations or to stop drinking coffee - but I am asking you to keep an eye on consumption to the point of headaches.

One thing Christians should not be, is fearful.

One thing they SHOULD be, is loving. Avoid the fear, feel the love, and stay away from the headaches.


  1. I too consume ridiculous/life threatening amounts of coffee on a daily basis and love it. I struggled with headaches several days a week for years until...my father in law told me about Ocean type saline spray to snort a couple times a day. Life changing. My younger brother said it's the best thing I've ever told him about. Out of all the things I've EVER told my little bro about THIS is the best ever.

    Keep drinking coffee, stay away from that office junk but snort some saline everyday!

  2. Get a french press for work and bring your own coffee. Or, get chocolate covered coffee beans for that extra caffeine jolt :)

    Consumption to the point of pain... Sometimes it's like we can't help ourselves and we fixate on those things. Thanks for the reminder to choose what voices we listen to.

  3. What the hell coffee are you drinking that GIVES you headaches? Caffeine is a pain _reliever_, generally. (Just ask the makers of Excedrin.)

  4. Ah Jerry - while coffee can be used as a pain reliever (it's actually the caffeine), too much gives some people headaches. Though people like me (and sounds like Jack too) rarely get headaches from too much caffeine, since to us there is no such thing.

    Jack - is the coffee you're drinking at work caffeine free, or contain less amounts of caffeine than the coffee you brew at home? If so, that would explain it, as you're actually going into withdrawal.

    I agree w/Lora though - french press (relatively cheap), and coffee beans from home is the way to go :)

  5. I'm gonna try the saline thing :)

    But yeah, the withdrawal thing is a tough cookie. That would really irk me if Royal Cup sucked so bad their coffee had less caffeine than mine.

  6. Royal Cup - they had it at my office, and I wouldn't drink it. Tasted too much like ash many times.

    Something else you can try for your caffeine intake is chocolate covered coffee/espresso beans. They're yummy, and you can leave them at your office and eat a few when you need the extra umph. I have a bunch at my office, and eat some when I really need to concentrate or are just dragging. I even noticed that walmart had them the other day, I have been ordering from amazon in multiple pound quantities - what can I say, I love my caffeine ;)

  7. "if Royal Cup sucked so bad"
    There's no IF to that statement. That's what we have at my office, and EWWWWW. Thus the french press suggestion.


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