When it rains, it pours

Ha! Get it!? Well, if you are in Alabama you know what I mean. Because it has been pouring buckets around here.

Of course, the reason its funny is because there is that whole multiple layers thing that makes language so much fun. To point:

1.) Its raining. A lot.

2.) Things come in...threes? I've always heard it said, but never given much credence to the fact that bad things/good things/funny things/sneezes always come in "threes" - I don't think its true, I do think that people have a tendency to see two things, consider this a trend, and expect a third, then stop looking. But our my purposes, when it rains it pours. In other words, there appearance of multiples imply there will be more. Multiple what, Jack?

3.) How about multiple deaths. Of course, people are dying all the time. Eh, slow news season?

4.) How about multiple jerks. Nothing says trend like making it cool to show disrespect.

Etc, etc, etc. Hell in a hand basket, is the phrase that comes to mind.

But this would be a lie. The truth is that the world is filled not just with bad things, but with good things too. And when it rains, it pours.

Now this is the part of my blog entry where I outline all the good things that are going on in the world and how they greatly outweigh all the bad things. But I'm going to resist that temptation. See, the way our God moves is different from the world. Typically, when the world moves in big ways, God is there as well, but usually in ways that the world would call "small" - think of it another way, maybe the world moves in concrete ways and God moves in abstract ways.

yesyesyes, God moves in concrete ways too. But when you are sitting around talking about how great God is, spreadsheets just don't cut it. News articles don't show the whole picture.

You see what I'm saying? I know good things come in big ways and the only way to prove it is to tell you a story.

This past weekend, Riverchase UMC had a TNT Sale. What is that, you ask? Well, it stands for "Tried and True" and basically the church organizes this sale of gently used/new children's clothing, wares, and items. We organize it, promote it, handle specifics, and all kinds of good things come out of it. Church gets a cut, but people make their sales and get the vast majority of the funds back.

While I'm pretty sure there are methods to capitalism out there that are detrimental - the cool thing about Christianity is it can turn all things into something positive.

Just like our TNT sale provided parents with a way to shed excess cloths that don't fit their kids any more, make a little money, enjoy each other's company, and whaddya know... even help folks that can't afford the clothes that were being sold. (see, thats a little side story, the wonderful ladies who run the TNT sale make sure that their proceeds/wares don't just benefit the church or its members, but the people of the community - so other communities are improved and the story gets a lot bigger than I can type about.) The end result is, of course, funds for our childrens ministries at RUMC and a whole lot of goodness.

And thats just a weekend sale. And I told the whole thing really poorly.

Wait, you know what? Just come and see how good God is. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Join us one Sunday if you are around. Or a Wednesday, or a Thursday, or...well, any day of the week RUMC has people here who can tell you how good God is. Because when it rains, it pours.