No, that's not funny, it's sinister.

I don't care if you love or hate Obama - this is dangerous territory.

Whats that you say? Oh, just this (click here). Okay, haha, a scripture taken completely out of context makes a funny when you apply it to Obama. But after a quick chuckle, I realized this is not something that should be tolerated - and I'm saying Christians shouldn't tolerate this.

C'mon! You guys are actively taking God's word and making a mockery of it. Its not a punchline.

My only hope is that Christians who are actually sane will continue to do what they have always tried to do in this country: pray for God's blessings, support, and favor on our nation and all nations. Couple that with an honest desire to SEEK God's will (rather than just command God to do your bidding) and you have a better world that looks more like the Kingdom of God. We should pray that Obama seeks God just like we try to seek God.

Instead, the inside joke of Psalm 109:8 apparently devalues God's existence to being either a.) a joke, or b.) some mafia hit man who takes out your opponent's knees. Geez, no wonder Richard Dawkins thinks religion is evil.

A few random thoughts:

- If a pastor or friend would ask you to pray for the President's demise, its only a matter of time til they pray for yours. Asking for God's wrath on someone is about the stupid as asking for yourself to meet a grisly end.

- This is the kind of thing that makes Christians look like idiots on the national scene. Its favoritism, bigoted, and completely stupid. Thankfully, there are some that are being good Jesus followers and loving people into the Kingdom of God, regardless of what is portrayed by the national media.

- There are many places in the Bible where the faithful pray for God's protection, God's providence, and God's deliverance. Praying for the President's death might be harmless in itself (hey, lets be honest, we ask for crazy stuff all the time that I'm sure gives God a good chuckle) but certainly there is someone out there that will take this as divine revelation to go and shoot the president. And no, you shouldn't wish that even on your enemies (if Jesus is to be trusted). To wit: David's psalms are powerful because they speak to the whole range of human emotions. There are some emotions in Psalms, that while they should be identified and owned, aren't exactly a good place to stay or make smart decisions. David might have prayed for his enemy's demise, but he never - never - never went out and took care of them himself. God always took care of them for him and David would kind of come in behind. David's biggest sin wasn't simply about having an affair - it was a sin of acting unilaterally without God. And just because you pray to God to do something for you doesn't instantly mean God is going to do it or approves. Even if your preacher says its so. Yeah, you can be angry with the politics of America and the leaders we have. Speak your mind with God, he's big enough. Don't back down from your passion for a better and more godly world. You can even be angry with God - but if you don't leave room for God's wrath against your enemies, you re-direct God's wrath somewhere much closer to home: you. Just please, don't put your desire for God's wrath on a t-shirt.

- Some will say that Obama is the one who shouldn't be tolerated and this 109:8 thing is just a snarky way of showing our displeasure with him. I hear ya! Look, Jesus had a lot to say about government, about nations, and about leadership that goes astray. This is not that discussion. There are things that need to be addressed with our current president and he's far from perfect. But that doesn't mean you pray for his demise. Its worth pointing out that Jesus' most damning comments were reserved not for Caesar (yes, he said some nasty stuff about him too) but instead for church leadership or as we know them, Pharisees/Scribes/Priests. Being a good Christian is tough stuff! Its hard! It means loving the unlovable! It means loving your enemies! Which is a greater precedent? Jesus' death on the cross (self-sacrifice in the face of evil/hatred) or... wait, I don't think Jesus calls judgment on anyone, actually, but lets people do that to themselves. Oh hi! Weren't we just praying for God's judgment on the President?

Man, its a good thing Jesus armed his followers with "powerful" weapons and clever bumper stickers. We'll show those muslims - right!? yeah!? hmm....

I dunno, maybe this isn't that big a deal.

So be it. I'll shrug. But there is a distinct difference in asking God to deal with your enemies and taking it upon yourself to deal with your enemies for God. Psalm 109:8 as a way of joking about praying for our President? haha indeed. Psalm 109:8 as actual advice? Watch it.

I doubt there are many Christians who can tell the difference (or care) between God directing our passions and us directing God's passions.

Dangerous territory.