now taking requests

hey, anything particular you'd like a preacher to rant about? Ask away.

(and in case you didn't notice, I have been completely unmotivated to rant about anything going on in my *own* life. This too shall pass)


  1. What is the best way to handle this situation? I am helping out at a church community event this weekend and in theory, we are all here to serve others. That is why I am here. Instead of selflessly serving, some seem so intent on dictating the best way to accomplish this "selfless serving" and almost having some type of power struggle that it is like 9th grade high school. It is hard not to engage in the process of "smacking" some sense into my "selfless servants". I almost have to do the famous Donald Duck "Hold your breath and count to 10" to keep the negativity from affecting me.

    But...what a beautiful day it is. So much to be thankful for!



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