Pastor as Cheerleader

Cheerleaders are relics of bygone era when there wasn't much going on (or much to see or hear) besides the actual game.

Think about it.  Once upon a time, professional and collegiate football games were more like little league.  There were no announcers, blimps, jumbo-trons.  All you had were a pile of guys on a field and some folks standing around the fringes.

Enter, the cheerleader.  They were not (at conception) strictly eye candy or exclusively female.  The cheerleader's purpose was to help the team win by whipping the fans into a single encouraging voice.

We Americans must be entertained when we go to sporting games.  It's not a bad thing.  I LOVE the videos, fireworks, and there is rarely better music than an NHL Hockey game.  This entertainment is sometimes for the team, but often it's to alter the experience of the observer (as opposed to the participant).  It has always been fun, no doubt.

But have you ever been to a soccer game outside of the USA?  The entire crowd will chant.  Beat drums.  Yell.  It's nuts.  I think the closest I've seen in the states to complete participation is ACC basketball.  It's all for the team.  Anything, whatever it takes, to let the team know we are behind them (or against them lol).

But even these cohesive, all-encompassing, pep-sessions are led by someone.  Who does this?  These are the cheerleaders.  Nowadays it is the crazy guy in the front row who isn't wearing enough clothing.  Mothers caught on the jumbo-tron make wonderful cheerleaders.

In the church, pastors should be natural cheerleaders.  We are the ones who encourage people to remember the entire body of Christ is behind them in their spiritual walk.  We are the ones who always know our team is "number 1" even when others don't think so.  We are the ones who sometimes stand on the sidelines and let others be in the game.  But we are always cheering them on.

Perhaps you need a cheerleader?  No one has your back more than Jesus.  No one wants your success more than God.  You really can succeed at life.  We have a team that (ultimately) will win at life.  We all can.  And if Jesus has your back, I've got your back.


  1. So your next stewardship sermon starts out, "two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar?"



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