Silly conversation in my head...

"Why do we oppose abortion?"

"Because life is sacred and you shouldn't murder."

"So we oppose the death penalty?"

"Umm, no, that's okay."

"But why?  I thought life was sacred and you shouldn't murder?"

"Life is only sacred when it is innocent or hasn't killed anybody"

"Crap.  We are all going to hell, aren't we?"

"Not if someone considers murderers and cheats worth saving."

"Ah... like Jesus?"

"Yeah, like Jesus."


  1. The mention of "innocence" brings up an interesting point. Original sin implies that in God's eyes the baby is no more innocent than the murderer (especially in light of verses like Matthew 5:21-22). Makes it much tougher to draw a distinction in my eyes.

  2. get out of my head. how are we having the same conversations?


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