Java with Jack (Sermon from 8/22/10)

You know, one favorite argument of people trying to avoid Jesus' requests is, "It's not my fault."  One thing I LOVE about this Scripture is Jesus really doesn't give a care.  In fact, I'd even go as far as to say in this Scripture, Luke 13:10-17, he has a bit of angst built up because he feels it really IS the Religious Leader's fault this woman hasn't (yet) been made straight when she could have been.

Hypocrite!  If you care so much about your property, why don't you care that much about God's people?

And NO, it doesn't matter who made the woman bent-over (although in this Scripture it is certainly Satan).  What matters is you aren't moving fast enough.  You need your priorities straightened out.  As Jesus heals  the woman, may we be healed as well.

Just in time to rile you up for Sunday...

Java with Jack (Sermon from 8/22/10) from Jack Hinnen on Vimeo.