Java with Jack (Sermon from 9/5/10)

Ah... why would I give all these things up for Jesus? Frankly, it's because he has something better for us.

Give up your family? You get a better/bigger one (Kingdom of God).

Give up your life? You get a better/bigger one.

Give up your possessions? You get better/bigger ones.

And I'm not just talking treasures in heaven - I'm saying these things happen this side of eternal life. Eternal life begins now, not later. It is, after all, eternal :) Why would you suddenly try to make it temporal?

There is great joy in being set free. But that is the sermon THIS Sunday... not last. Ohohohoh, and we don't actually give all those things up because we want "the best" - we do it because thats the correct response to Christ's love - but that is another sermon, not this one.

Java with Jack (Sermon from 9/5/10) from Jack Hinnen on Vimeo.