SDL (December 12th 2010)

Jesus is not the one. If you love things to stay the same, if you just want someone to make you feel safe and secure, to drive out the foreigner, to show great power, to destroy your enemies, to be politically strong and build an army; then don't follow Jesus. He's not the one you are waiting for.

John the Baptist even baptized Jesus and at one point wasn't sure he had the right guy (for the Messiah, the one who would save Israel). But John prepared the way for Jesus - and Jesus started doing the work of the Kingdom. That means everything changes. Jesus draws his power on greater things than political or military might. Jesus reconciles friends, family, *and* enemies. Jesus welcomes the foreigner and outcast. Jesus loves the unlovable (maybe you? Or me?)

If *THAT* is what you are looking for, yes, Jesus is your man.

Prepare the way for Jesus this Season - watch this sermon and see what I'm talking about. By the way, it's Matthew 11:2-11.

SDL (December 12th 2010) from Jack Hinnen on Vimeo.