1st Sunday of Lent

Seven is a big deal in Christianity.  Guess how many Sundays fall within Lent!?


But the 7th Sunday is Easter.  Coincidence?!  I think not.  So what do you talk about on the first Sunday of the biggest lead up to the biggest Christian holiday?

Could I talk about the temptation of power and how it skews your world-view?

Just ask Charlie Sheen.  Just ask Japan.  Just ask the NFL (players or owners, doesn't matter).  Just ask those four Auburn football players who were arrested this week for ARMED FLIPPIN ROBBERY.  Just ask Harvey Updyke.  Just ask politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Just ask John Piper or Rob Bell.  Just ask Apple or Google or Verizon or AT&T or China or the Romans or Egyptians or.... well....

Or you could ask Jesus.  You know only those who have completely resisted temptation know it's true power.  The rest of us all wussed out.

Yes.  I think I will talk about temptation on this first Sunday of Lent.  Hope to see you in worship, bring your ashes (figuratively).