Day 5 of Lent

Happy Pi Day!  It is March 14th - 3.14 (as we Americans like to organize it).

Wait... do Europeans celebrate pi day on April 31st?  No such luck, HA!  Guess they'll have to stick to some form of 22/7.

Anyway, Pi Day!  A day celebrating the amazing uniqueness of a number.  While some might think such geeky math stuff is not for the theological minded, I beg to differ.

Pi is an excellent example of a mathematical constant.  That is geek talk for saying, "it's everywhere."  Just like God, pi is behind so many things in life it is hard to appreciate just how encompassing it is to our lives.

Pi is everywhere, but we also cannot fully grasp it.  By it's definition it is both an irrational and transcendent number.  Just like God, you can approximate pi but never completely get the whole number.

All that to say that I think Pi is a really awesome truth that is part of God's truth.

The more you know!