5th Sunday of Lent

Today Jesus pulled off the greatest miracle he's accomplished yet.  (by way of the Lectionary) Lazarus is raised from the tomb.  It is a foretaste of what will come two weeks from now and a foretaste of the very life giving power of Jesus that we can experience now (the Kingdom of God is at hand!) and will experience later (eternal life is, after all, eternal). Of course, it sets the stage for Jesus to enter Jerusalem and go after those who would bring his death.

Life and death are intertwined.  But we must choose a master.  If you want life, and want it more abundantly - come with Jesus to Jerusalem.  Two more weeks.  Jesus' answer is not fight, it isn't flight, it is a third way.  It is love.

Jesus' greatest miracle today may be calling to us in our tombs.  We've been there more than four days (so, we really are "dead" and our lives really do stink) so...

[insert your name here]!  Come out!