Day 26 of Lent

One of my favorite parts of Daniel Erlander's book Manna and Mercy (mad props homie!) is page 45.  If I may quote him...

Everything Jesus said and did portrayed the precious pearl he called the reign of God.  Lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors, sinners, poor people, discarded ones, blind people, debtors, outcasts, children, women, men, elderly people, sick people, Gentiles, Samaritans, Jews, demon-possessed people, outsiders, heretics, Pharisees, lawyers, and even rich people and big deals were...

invited, touched, healed, forgiven, given hope, included, liberated, cleansed, made whole, received, affirmed, held, given dignity, called, honored, loved, embraced, fed, reborn, freed.
Can you see it yet?  The Kingdom of God?  We are almost to Jerusalem... come with us!


  1. Sometimes when I need a reminder about why we do what we do, I go to Dan's website and look at all his pictures. And cry.


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