Day 30 of Lent

I'm sure by now you've heard the song, "Waving Flag" by K'Naan.  It was the "theme song" for the World Cup and has had some success in the United States (despite our overall distaste for what the world calls football).

But what you might not know is that the version you've heard isn't the original version.  This is the original:

Isn't that interesting?  Basically Coca-Cola took a great song about overcoming poverty and violence with hope and turned it into the theme song for one of the (possibly) most commercialized and corrupt sporting events in the world.

Irony of ironies.  To his credit, K'Naan developed the remix to be more uplifting so it could bring folks together for the World Cup - and yes, it is definitely uplifting (and about soccer).  But the original has a message that should be heard too.

Great song, all the same.  Thought you'd enjoy :)